Your Best You seminars in Saskatoon

We are getting ready for a new season of Your Best You weekend seminars in and around Saskatoon!

If your church or organization is interested in hosting a Your Best You seminar, you can contact me at bcg@bonniegrove.com, or message me on Facebook.

Here are some quick facts you might want to know if you're deciding if Your Best You is a good fit for the women in your church or organization.

Seminars run Friday evening 7:00-9:30 PM, and Saturday 9:00 AM- 1:00PM.

Costs include:
A copy of the book for all attendees.
Set of worksheets
Snacks and refreshments (Friday evening)
Continental breakfast, and refreshments (Saturday)

Cost of a weekend seminar: $60.00 per person for the weekend.
$20.00 Discount for people who have their own book ($40.00 for the weekend).

7 week small group follow up (optional). Following the seminar, I offer a 7 week follow up for women who want to go deeper into their strengths-based life. I attend these meetings, and offer support.

  • Once a week meeting, for one hour (the day and time to be determined by the women who attend)
  • Cost is $2.00 per person, per meeting.
Who is Your Best You seminar for?

For women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.

What topics does the seminar cover?

Friday night focuses on the basics of the strength based approach to understand self, including the nature of empowerment, how to reframe your past by looking at what you did right (instead of examining mistakes).

Then, each woman will begin to discover her own personal strengths. Work sheets provided.

Saturday focuses a review of finding personal strengths, and the homework done overnight. Then we move into "charting a course" for the future. How we can understand and use our strengths in every aspect of life.

This seminar begins from the simple premise of: Focus on what you're doing right, right now.

Participants regularly come away from the seminar not simply excited, but equipped to make positive changes. 

This is a joyful process, one the celebrates life, helps each woman learn how to live to the fullest. And the best news is she does this, not by learning a new technique, or trying to live her life by someone else's rules, but by discovering the strengths she already has, and applying them to her life in ways she chooses. 

Past participants have:
Broken the cycle of addiction
Moved out of abusive relationships
Found the courage to pursue a university degree as a mature student
Renewed a connection to faith in God
Worked through difficult family relationships
Found courage and strength to forgive people who have hurt them
Navigated through painful divorce

Keep in mind, these women did this on their own, using their strengths--the things they were already doing, already good at. It was a joyful process, life affirming, hopeful, and courageous.

Book your weekend of Your Best You now! 
Email: bcg@bonniegrove.com